Tasia Smith PC ‘12

The (literal, not actual) definition of a Valley Girl, Tasia left the sunny Los Angeles San Fernando Valley to see what the Northeast has to offer. When she’s home she enjoys spending time with her Girl Scouts and her two lovely younger sisters, but at Yale she’s got the Members Of… to take care of! Having spent the 09-10 season as Photog, Tasia is a pro at remembering people’s names and what section they are in. Not creepy at all, don’t worry.

When she’s not hard at work for the band, Tasia also loves to tap dance, play with computers, eat dessert, and hang out with her friends. Oh, and sometimes she does schoolwork (she doesn’t really believe in sleep). An East Asian Studies major who loves both Chinese and Japanese, Tasia hopes circumstances never make her choose between them. She’s also interested in the study of discrimination, race, and culture. She wants to live abroad in the future (and learn Korean eventually) - but that’s waaay too far ahead to think about. Today she’s more than happy to enjoy her time with the family she’s found in the YPMB.

Tasia’s main goal in life is to be nice to people, so don’t hesitate to say hi if you see her! But she takes her duties as Manager very seriously, especially when it comes to keeping the band happy and well taken care of. She makes sure that the band gets its pizza, that the buses come on time, that everyone has ponchos when it starts to rain, and that the dance parties happen as often as possible (she is, of course, a flute at heart, and everyone knows that flutes love to dance party). If you need help with a problem or just need a cheerful face, she is the right person to find. 

Oh, and it’s pronounced like Asia with a T, or Fantasia without the Fan. Don’t worry if you get it wrong, though. She’s used to it :)