Welcome to the Yale University Bands

Thomas C. Duffy, Director

Performance, Scholarship, and Leadership

The Yale Bands is a thriving cultural community. Its members are given opportunities to prepare and perform great music; learn about the arts and their place in society and international cultures; and develop skills to become leaders. Through a robust series of musical activities, many Bands members work with and become serious performers, conductors, composers, arrangers, writers, archivists, historians, photographers, producers, choreographers, media producers, critics, and teachers. Band members develop and master these skills through service to the University, performing and producing commencement music, benefit concerts, university ceremonies, theater shows, international tours, reading sessions for classes, and special events.

The Yale Concert Band is an ensemble of 45-60 wind, brass, and percussion players that perform repertoire ranging from wind band classics to premieres, commissions, and the newest wind band literature.  All Yale Concert Band activities remain virtual through the Spring 2021 semester. 

The Yale Jazz Ensemble is a seventeen-piece big band that performs a wide variety of music, from pieces from Yale’s Benny Goodman archive to the newest, most progressive jazz compositions.  All Yale Jazz Ensemble activities remain virtual through the Spring 2021 semester. 

The Yale Precision Marching Band is a scatter-style marching band that performs at Yale football, hockey, basketball, and other games throughout the year. All Yale Precision Marching Band activities remaind virtual through the Spring 2021 semester.

Interested in Joining the Yale Bands?

Whether you’re an incoming first-year or a veteran Yalie, we’re glad you’re interested. The three ensembles are comprised of more than 125 individuals. They make more than 60 appearances per year and are responsible for the entire heckelphone population of Connecticut. There is a place for everyone in the Yale Bands: the Yale Concert Band is for Yale’s finest classical wind players, the Yale Jazz Ensemble is a 17-piece “big band” that performs standards and contemporary charts, and the Yale Precision Marching Band wants to assemble the most fun, spirited group (with room for musicians and non-musicians alike) ever to set foot in New Haven. There is crossover between the ensembles, as some people play in two or even all three bands. The Yale Bands and their members are very important in Yale’s musical world in general. You can hardly find a group of musicians on campus—chamber orchestras, woodwind or brass quintets, pit orchestras, saxophone quartets, theory & composition seminars, music history classes, or even rock bands and choruses—that isn’t touched by the members of the Yale University Bands. 

Prospective students are invited to set up a 15-minute Zoom meeting with Director of Bands Thomas C. Duffy.  Please send your appointment request to thomas.c.duffy@yale.edu