YPMB Schedule



During the fall, the YPMB plays every home football game and at least two away games.  The season culminates with the playing of The Game against the hated cantabs from hahvahd.

Unlike your normal q-tipped marching band, we put on a brand-new show for every game, which usually contains comedy, spectacle, and of course, music.


Sep. 29 (Sat) Yale v. Maine
Oct. 5 (Fri) Yale v. Dartmouth
Oct. 13 (Sat) Yale v.  Mercer
Oct. 27 (Sat) Yale v. Columbia (away)
Nov. 3 (Sat) Yale. v. Brown
Nov. 10 (Sat) Yale. v. Princeton
Nov. 17 (Sat) Yale v. Harvard (at Fenway Park)


After football season, the YPMB shows its Yale spirit at almost every home ice hockey and basketball game.

While we don’t put on shows, we do play music, dance in the stands, lead cheers (Zamboni!), heckle goalies, sway during free throws, and generally bother the other team into submission.

Winter schedule will be posted late fall.