Yale Concert Band

Thomas C. Duffy, Music Director
Stephanie Hubbard, Business Manager

The Yale Concert Band, a group of 45-50 wind, brass, and percussion players, embraces the aesthetics of the traditional wind band and the contemporary experimental ensemble. Our repertoire consists of a panoply of wind band classics; premieres by and commissions of Yale students, faculty and established world-class composers; and the newest wind band literature that incorporates electro-acoustic sounds, folk/rock/hiphop music, soloists, and theatrical trappings.

Our music has been exported around the world - in the last year, the Yale Concert Band has performed in concert halls in the Baltics, and two years ago, performed in New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Bethesda’s Strathmore Hall. In 1959, the Yale Concert Band became the first college band to produce an international tour, and, since then, has appeared in concerts in Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Mexico, Brazil, Bermuda, Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ghana, Haiti, Greece, and Australia. 

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Audition info: Auditions for the Yale Concert Band take place at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year. Required audition excerpts for download will be posted here in August. 

Potential Members: Check out the FAQ for a basic idea as to who we are and what we do.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email the director, the business manager, or any of band’s student officers.

Alumni: Visit the Alumni page for more information.