The Manager

Miles (Mel) Krusniak, ES ‘22

Born and raised in the “city” of Kirksville, Missouri, Mel is this year’s YPMB manager. A proud member and once-section-leader of Kappa Banga Banga alongside Alex (with fond memories of the YPMB stretching back to the Bulldog Days of ‘18), Mel’s sad to be putting down the drumsticks for this year but more excited to be picking up the whiteboard to ensure that the Band is on time, having fun, and not getting into (too much) trouble.
Following a long line of STEM managers, Mel is a Computer Science undergrad, often found working late nights as a ULA in office hours, finishing up a problem set, or developing software for Yale’s student technology collaborative. You might recognize the manager of the YPMB in Yale’s branch of the IEEE or doing some sort of research over the summer to usher in the robot apocalypse. But Mel’s favorite place around Yale will always be wherever the YPMB is.
Nowadays, you can find Mel… well, at the computer mostly, so long as the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on. BUT, in the fall, look for the manager at the helm of the band wielding the iconic whiteboard!
You can reach out to with questions or to talk about the band’s most recent hijinks.

Past Managers