The Drum Major

Brook Smith is the frosting on our layer cake, the Caesar to our fearless army. Our ever enthusiastic leader, they conduct like a summer’s day.

Past Drum Majors

The Manager

The only person in the band with any concept of responsibility. Cody Uman is our mighty Manager who specializes in feeding us pizza, wielding their whiteboard, and coordinating our lives. 

Past Managers

Section Leaders

Along with the manager and DM, the section leaders play a vital role in keeping the Marching Band together. 

Upper Woodwinds: Aislinn Kinsella

Sax: Isaac Oberman

Brass: Jeremy O’Neill & Shell Ross

Kappa Banga Banga: Emily Hettinger & June Lee

Squaaangs:  Annette Forchoh


The Yale Bands officer corps includes not only the officers of the YPMB, but the other two Yale Bands as well. No job is too big - the officer corps works wonders, and all out of love!

Head Student Arranger, Rory Bricca

Social Chairs, Emily Borr, Risha Chakraborty

Equipment Managers, Arden Parrish, Tyler Schroder

Social Media/Recruitment Director, Shell Ross