Margaret Ott JE ‘16

Margaret Ott JE ‘16

Margaret was born and raised in the one-snowplow town of Atlanta, Georgia, where she went to a high school without a marching band.  Three years after choosing Yale, she can’t imagine life without the YPMB or numerous snowplows.  She keeps herself sane in the winter (and every other season) with the friendship of her fellow Members Of…

Margaret got her 15 minutes of fame as the second female Trumpet Section Leader in recorded YPMB history.  She has also held other, less official, positions that involved singing on buses and placing a large order of sweatshirts.
When she isn’t telling the band what to do, you might find Margaret being told what to do as a Master’s Aide in Jonathan Edwards College.  Other times you’ll find her in a classroom talking about why we park in driveways and drive in parkways (she’s a linguistics major).  (If you can’t find her in any of those places, check BLunch).