Katie Cobb TC ‘09

Why are there hieroglyphs on the YPMB white board? Chalk that up to Katie Cobb, the YPMB’s Manager and resident Egyptology major. (Technically, she’s a Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations major, but that’s quite the mouthful, and NELC is a lousy acronym, so Egyptology it is!) There aren’t that many mummies in Katie’s hometown of Chicago (Go Cubs! Go Bears!), but if there were, Katie would be able to speak to them in ancient Egyptian, making her an excellent person to have on hand when breaking into sealed tombs. 

As a former Squid Deity, Katie brought back the Bladderball and oversaw the building of Peggy, a giant Pegasus with a 40-foot wingspan, for The Game, 2006. As former Head Scriptwriter, she had the entire YPMB Supermanning Dat O, resuscitating the Beatles, and fighting winged pterodactyl terroristasaurs. Not all at the same time, though that would have been awesome.

When she’s not excavating the Egyptian desert or translating coffin texts, Katie can be found around the bridge table, honing her diplomatic skills with the Yale International Relations Association, managing her fantasy baseball team, or working In the TrumButt (that’s the Trumbull Buttery. Get your mind out of the gutter). She also plays a mean cowbell, vegetable maraca, tambourine, and saucepot. 

If something needs to be done, Katie can make it happen. As Manager, she is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes details that everyone else can take for granted, and thanks to her, the band is well supplied with food, shelter, transportation, and spreadsheets.