Connor Hoge SM ‘15

Connor_DMThough Connor’s hair is red, he bleeds Yale Blue (please do not test this). Arriving at Yale after a long drive from Guilford, CT, Connor was swept off his feet by the wonderful Members Of…, who have been the brightest part of his Bright College Years. While playing with the YPMB, he has picked up on the rules of football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and many more sports. Join the band and you could learn to do sports too!
To pass the time between YPMB events, Connor is majoring in both physics and English. Talk to him about books and/or black holes@ His other interests include puns, striking poses in photos, cycling, Michael Jackson, and sleeping in beds.
Prior to his current gig with the whistle, Connor led the trombone section as Trombone Section Leader and managed the production of halftime shows as Production Manager. His favorite shows have involved tossing water jugs, dancing with Yale’s Jashan Bhangra team, playing a Michael Jackson/Bon Jovi mashup, and defeating Lord HarVoldemort in front of fifty thousand people at The Game. Other favorite YPMB memories include that time the hockey team won a national championship.