Section Leader: Annette Forchoh

Welcome to the Squaaangs. Now you may be wondering, what in the world is a Squaaang? It’s actually a combination (portmanteau for all you smart cookies) of the word Squid and Strangs. Our section is the heart and soul of the YPMB. We make it zany and amusingly unconventional with our non-traditional instruments. Want to play a cowbell or a violin? How about a guitar or upright bass? Still pretty standard, but what about a washboard or a garbage can? Heck, we’ve even had people play couches on the field before. So if you want to play an instrument that’s not generally accepted in a marching band, join the Squaaangs.

But wait, there’s more! The Squaaangs are the prop-masters of the band. Whenever the halftime show requires a prop, we are the ones to make it. Each year for the Game, we make an Überprop to help us beat Harvard. Check out the cool ones we’ve made in the past below. 
As you can see, there’s a spot for everyone in the Squaaangs. We play hard and have fun. So even if you’ve never played an instrument before or haven’t read music in a while, there’s a home for you in the Squaaangs. We play to the beat of our own drums, and you’ll fit in fine as long as you obey the section motto: “Follow your Heart(s)” 
Got questions? Wanna join? Email Annette, the section leader!


Uber Prop 2k15: The Harvard Death Ray

Überprop 2004:

Überprop 2005:

Older Squid Photos:

1999’s Überprop, The Train

2000’s Überprop, The Booty Hunter

2001’s Überprop, The Dragon

2002’s Überprop, The Snake

2003’s Überprop, 
The Spider

Splinters-in-butt prevention

Squids, dead and alive, at Tercentennial 2000

Steph gets a lift from John McGann

Taking a break from building The Booty Hunter

Mer, hard at work

Believe it or not, this mess of cardboard became a huge pirate ship.

Steph and Mer at the attack-banding of Grand Central

John McGann.  He’s going to be a doctor someday.

Squids @ The Whale

Look at Shana’s drawing  to the left of Mark.

Something good happened!

Dan and Alex, caught blue-handed.

Widener she said, so Widener I painted.

Shana and Dan, breaking hearts at their very first game.

Artist-in-residence Meghan paints Harkness.

Manager/Mommy Mer moves masterfully.  And check out the squid hat!

Down The Field, squid-style.

Steph and John work on building the Snake. 

Goddess Lauren and announcer Pete host 2002 Uberprop script.

The Love Boat, soon we’ll be making another run.