Jocelyn Dicent MY’ 20

Jocelyn Dicent MY '20

Jocelyn is from Rockaway Beach, New York, a small beach community in New York City. If you are ready to hear her talk for hours about the unique experience of growing up across the street from the beach but still being part of New York City, ask her about Rockaway. Not only does she have a lot of Rockaway Pride, but she’s got plenty of New York and Dominican Pride too.

You’ve probably already guessed that Jocelyn really loves the beach. She also really enjoys watching baseball, doing random arts and crafts, and watching superhero movies. And while she claims to be a cat person, she definitely enjoys some videos of dogs every now and then.

On the rare occasion that Jocelyn isn’t with the YPMB, you’ll probably find her playing percussion in Tertulia, Yale’s first and only salsa band, or doing chemistry research on Science Hill as part of the STARS II Fellowship Program. You may also find her hanging out with friends at La Casa, Yale’s Latinx Cultural Center or in Pauli Murray (which is objectively the best residential college on this campus).

Before she was Drum Major, Jocelyn served as a section leader for Kappa Banga Banga (KBB), the YPMB drumline. She enjoyed her time spreading the YPMB love to fellow percussionists so much that she decided she wanted to spread the love to everyone else too. She loves to meet new people and convince them to join the band! Drop by any time to say hi, or email her at with official business or anything else!