Elizabeth Calabresi TC’22

Elizabeth Calabresi TC ‘22

Elizabeth is from Providence, Rhode Island, which is not only the smallest state but also the most delightful. However, anyone who knows Elizabeth knows that one of her favorite activities is going out of her way to inform you of her Italian heritage and her love for pasta; she specifically loves going home and having delicious family meals with her three brothers and loving parents.

She also prides herself on being a jock. In high school, she was the first female athlete to graduate having played in 14 varsity sports in the span of 12 seasons. Here at Yale she is a captain of the Yale Women’s C1 Club Soccer team. If you can’t find Elizabeth with the YPMB or on the soccer field, maybe try checking out Trumbull IM’s, the YPEI, or her Developmental Psychology lab.

In addition to her love for sports, Elizabeth also adores music and has played the cello since she was eight years old. While playing the cello in a marching band may seem like a rather unconventional decision, from the moment she heard the YPMB play in Trumbull College, Elizabeth knew that the YPMB was the perfect place for her. The laughter, joy, and excitement of the group was everything she had ever wanted in a musical experience. Before she was Drum Major, she was the Straaangs section leader and spent her time writing arrangements for the band and socializing with all of her B’friends. She loves the band more than anything and is happy to talk to anybody about anything (particularly band!). Don’t hesitate to reach out to her at elizabeth.calabresi@yale.edu, she would love to meet you!