The Drum Major

Shell Ross’s witty two-sentence intro is on its way.

Past Drum Majors

The Manager

And so is Keith Buckholz’s.

Past Managers

Section Leaders

Along with the manager and DM, the section leaders play a vital role in keeping the Marching Band together. 

Upper Woodwinds: Aislinn Kinsella

Sax: Isaac Oberman

Brass: Jeremy O’Neill & Shell Ross

Kappa Banga Banga: Emily Hettinger & June Lee

Squaaangs:  Annette Forchoh


The Yale Bands officer corps includes not only the officers of the YPMB, but the other two Yale Bands as well. No job is too big - the officer corps works wonders, and all out of love!

Head Student Arranger, Rory Bricca

Social Chairs, Emily Borr, Risha Chakraborty

Equipment Managers, Arden Parrish, Tyler Schroder

Social Media/Recruitment Director, Shell Ross