The Music of the Yale Concert Band

In addition to the music of Ives, Hindemith, Grainger, Copland, and other composers of more standard repertoire, the YCB performs a diverse collection of contemporary music. In the past couple of years alone, the ensemble has performed the world premieres of over five different pieces, including works written for the Yale Band by Frank Ticheli and Alan Terricciano. The YCB often reads music composed by its own members and other members of the Yale musical community, sometimes performing these pieces for the public. In addition, a regular highlight of the YCB’s contemporary repertoire is the music of its director, Thomas C. Duffy.

Listen to the Yale Concert Band

Virtual Recording Project. Fall 2020.

Paul Hindemith. Symphomic Metamorphses on Themes by Calr Maria von Weber

Here is the conductor track for the 4th movement: March