YPMB 2012-2013

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Hubbard
Drum Major Andi Zhou
Manager Kebra Sedam
Production Managers Mark Moore, Elif Erez
Equipment Managers Christofer Hamilton, Lizz Cotzomi
Social Chairs Erin Maher, Noah Steinfeld
Freshperson Representative Chrissy Houle
Stud. Arranger Alyssa Hasbrouck
Photographers Rachel Yen, Pek Shibao
Section Leaders Flutes: Maddie Welte
Clarinets: Melinda Becker
Saxes: Abby Reisner
Trumpets: Jeff March
Trombones: Connor Hoge
Low Brass: Chris Rodelo
Kappa Banga Banga: Peter Repucci & Keith Anderson
Strings: Annie Schweikert & Nat Harrington
Squids: Rashida Asante-Eccleston
Feature Twirler Chrissy Houle
Halftime Shows

9/29/12 Colgate: Video Games

10/13/12 Lafayette: Oppan Bhangra Style

10/20/12 Penn: The Olympics

11/3/12 @ Brown: The Beyonce Show

11/10/12 Princeton: Tribute to President Levin

11/17/12 @ Harvard: The Apocalypse

Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments
Bhangra Style: featuring Yale Jashan Bhangra Society
Olympics: featuring Yale Gymnastics Team
Tribute: featuring President Levin as himself
Überprop: Mayan Pyramid
Ünterprop: Harvard asteroid
Attack-Banding Garry Trudeau, Camp Yale
Paul Festersen Award
Director’s Award Tasia Smith

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