YPMB 2001-2002

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Theodos (Hubbard)
President Elizabeth Yale
Drum Major Joshua McNeil
Manager Abby Kantor
General Managers Brian Zeglis, Rachel Jeffrey
Social Chairs Kimberly Montez, Tim Kleiman
Personnel Manager Jeremiah Quinlan
Alumni Relations Gary Fernando
Publicity Manager Brooke Leary
Computer Specialist Peter Favia
Freshperson Representative Lee Hiromoto
Head Scriptwriter  
Announcer Brian Tippy
Stud. Arranger  
Photographers Matthew Belinkie, Brandy Heflin
Section Leaders Flutes: Jennifer Watson
Saxes: Brian Zeglis
Trumpets: Jeremiah Quinlan
Trombones: Jordan Stokes
Low Brass:
Kappa Banga Banga: Ryan Sheely, Daniel Grollman
Feature Twirler n/a
Halftime Shows 9/22/01: “Woe is Billy”
10/6/01: “The Official Sellout of Yale University”
10/13/01: “Victory Taco”
10/20/01: “Band vs. Nature”
11/3/01: “Mein Halfy”
11/10/01: “A Flutter of Foreboding”
11/17/01: “Bandheart”
Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments
Überprop: Peaches the Giant Blue Dragon
Paul Festersen Award Matthew Wrather


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