YPMB 1993-1994

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Theodos (Hubbard)
President Michael Goldberg
Drum Major Mark Gahm
Manager Annie Lengel
Assistant Manager Heather Sinclair
General Managers Matthew Comeau, Katherine Eggers
Social Chairs  
Personnel Manager Molly Whalen
Alumni Relations  
Publicity Manager  
Historian Andy Cole
Freshperson Representative  
Head Scriptwriter Barry Setlow
Announcer Barry Setlow
Stud. Arranger  
Section Leaders  
Feature Twirler  
Halftime Shows  
Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments
Harvard game: sacrificing a Harvard student to a volcano that then spit it out


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Alumni Stories

Heather (Sinclair) Ross:
“Barry Setlow spent a good deal of time wearing the very sweaty blue bulldog (gopher) costume that season.”

Barry Setlow:
“I just remember one pep rally inside the bulldog, but those 15 minutes seemed like an eternity…
I also recall we threw Mr Stuffy off the top deck of the stadium and brought a giant roll of TP to Princeton..? (something to do with their US News ranking that year?)”