YPMB 1983-1984

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Philip Greene
President Richard Gabriel
Drum Major Andrew Polinsky
Manager Joyce Toth
Assistant Manager Christopher Marcil
General Managers Andrew Raskin, Geoff Stein, Mark Tamares
Social Chairs Abbie Fenity, Sandy Foster, John Garber
Personnel Manager David Bernstein
Alumni Relations Mary Pat McKay
Publicity Manager Frank Jannuzi
Historian Christopher Williams
Announcer Robert Parker
Section Leaders Clarinet: Matthew Orel
Percussion: Howard Stovall
Feature Twirler  
Halftime Shows  
Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments
Yale-Harvard Game #100; spelling “for God, for Country, and for Yale” on the field with script “Elihu Yale”


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Alumni Stories

Howard Stovall:
“Was this the year of the Salute to Communism or was that the year prior? Classic show. Hate mail.”

Matthew Orel:
“I was clarinet section leader… (or did we have two? I just remember doing section-leader type stuff). Also frequent driver for Winter Wonder Band trips. Mark Temares reminds me that my car was dubbed “the deathmobile” after an incident on the bridge over the Connecticut River coming back from Dartmouth…”

Daniel Simon:

“Ah, 1983, the year of the unforgettable road trip to the Oyster Bowl v. William and Mary in Norfolk, VA. Or maybe it was forgettable, since we brought enough alcohol for the trip which we managed to consume before we left New Jersey. Was also the trip where we enshrined Ashtar, the leopard-skin God of Beer and Wine, as the YPMB’s patron deity. At least I remember that much. Also notable that year was the Salute to the Classics show at Princeton. The opening segment was about Oedipus and the Sphinx, and I believe that the props crew wrote “Eat Sh!t And Die” in hieroglyphics on butcher paper, which I’m sure must have amused the two Egyptian Studies majors in the stands.”