YPMB 1982-1983

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager David Mills/Philip Greene
President Richard Gabriel
Drum Major David Polinsky
Manager Dean Inouye
Assistant Manager Christopher Marcil
General Managers Joyce Toth, Mark Tamares, Jenny Ginsberg
Social Chairs Howard Stovall
Personnel Manager David Bernstein
Alumni Relations David Gallimore
Publicity Manager Ann Kelly, Andrew Polinsky
Historian Christopher Williams
Announcer Robert Parker
Section Leaders Trumpet: Richard Gabriel
Percussion: Howard Stovall
Feature Twirler  
Halftime Shows  
Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments
Attack-Banding Trip to Harvard: For God, For Country, and For No Apparent Reason


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Sarah Zachos:
“Was this the year we did the Oedipus / “I only have eyes for you” sketch. I remember unfurling large paper eyeballs on the field and Dr Death galloping around chopping at then with his axe.”