YPMB 1981-1982

Director Richard Thurston
Business Manager David Mills
President Catherine McFadden
Drum Major David Polinsky
Manager Stan Jaskiewicz
General Managers Todd Guenzburger, Barbara Schassar
Social Chairs Martin Tignor, Joyce Toth
Personnel Manager Richard Gabriel
Alumni Relations David Gallimore
Publicity Manager Alan Terricciano
Public Relations George Cohen
Historian Christopher Williams
Freshperson Representative Sarah Zachos
Head Scriptwriter  
Announcer Robert Parker
Stud. Arranger  
Section Leaders Trumpet: Rich Gabriel
Feature Twirler  
Halftime Shows  
Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments

Swim meet inner-tube halftime show

Communism Show v. Darthmouth with a double ELI

Attack-Banding Pierson Inferno


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Alumni Stories

Sarah Zachos:
“The band arrived early at Princeton for the football game and stole one of their big flags from on top of a building. Somehow we thought this was funnier and more clever than the administration did but I don’t recall anyone actually getting into trouble.”

Howard Stovall:
“Sandy Haviland and I did a photojournalism essay on YPMB that appeared in either 1982 or 1983 Banner.”

Stan Jaskiewicz:
“The show I remember most from 81-82 was the opener, when we were effectively on probation. We began with bad classical music, and a script about the ‘new and improved’ YPMB. The announcer then did a play on a current movie about not being able to take it anymore, and welcomed the original YPMB.”

Daniel Simon:

“The Ivy presidents had gotten together that summer and decided that their bands had to tone it down since their single-entendres were angering too many alums. Accordingly, The first formation from the new, “Moral Majority-approved” band was MOM. I think we played “On The Good Ship Lollypop.” Then the announcer said “The Yale Band doesn’t do formations like THIS anymore” as we formed an oblong from the 20 to the 20 yard lines. “This formation is crude. This formation is vile. This formation is unconscionable! But wait!” Two sousaphones from opposite ends run and exchange places. “This new formation is nice. This new formation is clean. This formation is…just a cigar.” Band plays “Smoke on the Water,” cue the fire extinguishers..”

“I remember the school buses racing around the practice field track before dropping us off for our first unmarching rehearsal. Knew I had found the right (dis)organization.”

“Communism show v. Dartmouth, the last Ivy game on one of the major broadcast networks. Beautiful TV shot of the first formation of the band in a hammer and cycle wearing their red shirts as the announcers went to commercial. Good thing too, since in rehearsal it had always looked like a half-eaten apple. Vivid memory of Peter Schmidts (sp?) reading The Communist Manifesto in the back the bus on the way to the practice fields with all the passion his actorly heart could muster. That show also had a double ELI: And remember that Eggheaded Leftist Intellectuals, or E -L-I, will continue to Eliminate Leftover Imperialists, or E-L-I.”