YPMB 1980-1981

Director Richard Thurston
Business Manager John Varineau
President James Buckley
Drum Major Jennifer Roberts
Manager Stan Jaskiewicz
General Managers Jonathan Babbitt, Catherine McFadden, Todd Guenzburger
Social Chairs Viking Hedberg, Barbara Schassar
Personnel Manager Joy Steele
Alumni Relations David Gallimore
Publicity Manager Alan Terricciano
Public Relations George Cohen
Freshperson Representative Steve Rimmer/Christopher Williams
Head Scriptwriter  
Announcer John Rennie
Stud. Arranger  
Section Leaders Tambourines: Scott Cantor
Feature Twirler  
Halftime Shows  
Halftime Shows
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Stan Jaskiewicz:
“Perhaps the most notable show was the Princeton game, when the male and female symbols merged, and the Bulldog (on his own) ran into the formation and went into a fetal position.”