YPMB 2010-2011

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Hubbard
Drum Major Elliot Eaton
Manager Tasia Smith
Equipment Managers Jared Bard, Anthony Hsu
Social Chairs Alison Altman, Kate Carter
Freshperson Representative Monica Ague
Head Scriptwriter Allison Hadley
Announcer Raja Pillai
Stud. Arranger Andi Zhou
Photographers Tory Jeffay, Liya Lomsadze, Frances Sawyer
Section Leaders Flutes: Destiny Tolliver
Clarinets: Casey Watts
Saxes: John Ela
Trumpets: Sagar Setru
Trombones: Tim Gladding
Low Brass: Kate Reynolds
Kappa Banga Banga: Kebra Sedam, Zach Simao
Strings: Machiste Quintana
Squids: Morgan Herrell, Natalie Ivanov
Feature Twirler n/a
Halftime Shows 9/18/10 Georgetown: Oregon Trail
10/2/10 Albany: Christine O’Donnell is a Witch!
10/16/10 Fordham: Election Wonderland
10/23/10 Penn: History Lessons
11/6/10 Brown: Multiple Personalities
11/13/10 Princeton: Children’s Cartoons
11/20/10 Harvard: Avatar
Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments
Überprop: Toruk
Ünterprop: Cantabot
Paul Festersen Award Kate Gonzales

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Band Movie: “Episode MMXII: It’s a Trap!” (Class of 2012)