YPMB 2017-2018

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Hubbard
Drum Major Katharine Walls
Manager Shah Khan
Production Manager Sara Harris, Seamus Houlihan, Julian Rosenblum
Equipment Manager Alexa Anderson, Karli Cecil
Social Chairs Melina Delgado, Christian Fernandez
Freshperson Representative Kaitlynn Sierra
Stud. Arranger Antonio Medina
Media Specialist Maddy O’Neal, Ryan Seffinger
Section Leaders Upper Woodwinds: Maddie Bender and Shannon Yasuda
Saxes: Natalie Leitman
Trumpets: Michael Holmes
Low Brass: Victor Ayeni
Kappa Banga Banga: Jocelyn Dicent and Jonathan Weiss
Squaaangs: Hung Ho
Halftime Shows

9/23/17 Cornell: The YPMB’s Hollywood Career

10/07/17 @ Dartmouth: Millennials 

10/14/17 Holy Cross: The YPMB Goes to Hell

10/18/17 Columbia: World-Record-Breaking Show

11/03/17 Brown: Trump Tweets

11/11/17 Princeton: Product Testing

11/18/17 Harvard: American Revolution

Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments

Hollywood: featuring a tribute to Handsome Dan XVIII for his first birthday.

World-Record-Breaking Show: Featuring a 20’ 8” conducting baton, breaking the record by Eight Long Inches.

American Revolution: Featuring a tribute to Tom Beckett, Athletics Director.

Paul Festersen Award  
Director’s Award  


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