YPMB 2016-2017

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Hubbard
Drum Major John McNamara
Manager Jonathan Roig
Production Manager Seamus Houlihan, Oliver Orr
Equipment Manager Maddy O’Neal
Social Chairs Antonio Medina, Khyber Sheppard
Freshperson Representative Maddie Bender
Stud. Arranger Julian Rosenblum
Media Specialist Ryan Seffinger
Section Leaders Upper Woodwinds: Katie Melbourne
Saxes: Sara Harris
Trumpets: Fabian Farkas
Low Brass: Seamus Houlihan
Kappa Banga Banga: Colin Hill and Ryan Seffinger
Squaaangs: Shah Khan
Feature Twirler Chrissy Houle
Halftime Shows

9/17/16 Colgate: Pokemon Go

10/01/16 Lehigh: Band goes to Jail

10/08/16 Dartmouth: Band Runs for President 

10/22/16 Penn: New Residential Colleges

11/05/16 @Brown: Clown Hysteria 

11/12/16 Princeton: Election Solidarity Show

11/19/16 @Harvard: Bat Band

Halftime Shows
- Notable Moments

Überprop: Batilla the Bat Mobile

Unterprop: Jail Cell for Boola

Paul Festersen Award  
Director’s Award  


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