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Over the years we’ve played a lot of games, run away from a lot of cops, blown up a lot of cardboard on the field, beat hahvahd over and over again, loved, laughed, and cried. Luckily, every year we have a YPMB photographer who diligently works to capture all of our magic (and not-so-magic) moments on film and video. And through the wonders that are digital image processing and the internet, these magic moments are now available for your enjoyment.

Currently, the best way to check out our up to date photos is by following the YPMB Facebook page

This year’s photos and halftime shows

2014 football halftime shows (YouTube)

YPMB 2013 photos (Google+)

YPMB 2012 photos (Google+)

Past years’ photos

YPMB 2011 photos (Picasa)

2011 football halftime shows (YouTube)

Photos of the YPMB with Paul Giamatti 4/26/11 (Yale News)

YPMB 2010 (Picasa)

YPMB 2009 (Picasa)
YPMB 2008-2009 (Picasa)
Spring 2008, The Game 2007, and Bulldog Days 2007 and Fall 2007 (Picasa)

Past years’ videos

2010 football halftime shows (YouTube)

2009 football halftime shows (YouTube)
2008 football halftime shows (YouTube)

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