YCB 2016-17

Director Thomas C. Duffy
Business Manager Stephanie Hubbard
President Catherine Lacy BR 18
General Managers Melina Delgado TD 19, Christopher Zhou PC 19
Social Chairs Hayley Kolding SY 17, Antonio Medina MY 19
Personnel Manager Rona Ji MC 18
Publicity Chair Beatrice Brown PC 19
Music Librarian Derek Boyer BR 18

Flute: Beatruce Brown PC 19
Oboe: Jake Houston GH 19
Clarinet: Christopher Zhou PC 19
Bass Clarinet: Libby Dimenstein MC 17
Bassoon: Bradford Case SM 20
Saxophone: Antonio Medina MY 19

Trumpet: Eli Baum JE 19
French Horn: John McNamara GH 17
Tuba: Josef Lawrence TC 20
Percussion: Rotating

Concerts & Repertoire

10/8/2016: CARNAHAN Centennial Celebration Fanfare, PUCKETT Avelynn’s Lullaby, NELSON Rocky Point Holida.

11/13/16 “A Good Old-Fashioned Band Concert”: STRAVINSKY Circus Polka, WORK Autumn Walk, ROMANO Compass, MAHR Endurance, WHITNEY Introduction and Samba feat. Carrie Koffman, GERSHWIN Porgy and Bess Medly feat. Carrie Koffman, GRANTHAM Southern Harmony.

12/4/2016 “An Old-Fashioned Holiday Concert”: ANDERSON A Christmas Festival, arr. ROWE Hanukkah, Festival of Lights, GRAINGER Angelus ad Virginem (The Annunciation Carol), HOLMES A Garland of Carols, BUCKLEY Christmas Sing Along, PROKOFIEV Train Ride from “Winter Holiday”, SILVESTRI and BALLARD Concert Suite from “The Polar Express”, ANDERSON Sleigh Ride.

2/17/17 “Vivid Colors”: SHOSTAKOVICH Festive Overture, DUFFY And Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest, HUTCHINSON Hiraizumi (World Premier), HUSA Les Couleurs Fauves (Vivid Colors), STRAUSS Serenade for Winds, Op. 7, GALBRAITH Danza de los Duendes (Dance of the Goblins), HART Cartoon.

4/7/17 “Ivy Green”: TICHELLI Postcard, GRANT STILL From the Delta, SOUDA Washington Post March, MÁRQUEZ Danzón No.2, HUCKEBY By the Rivers of Babylon feat. 8th Grade Band John Winthrop Middle School, Laura Traver, conductor, CAMPHOUSE Symphony from Ivy Green, feat. Janna Baty, mezzo-soprano.

Special Events Carrie Koffman joins Yale staff as first (?) professor of saxophone.  She leads a student saxophone quartet which opens for YCB performances; YCB brings back a holiday performance, designed to raise funds for a local charity (in 2016, IRIS).
Paul Festersen Award John F. McNamara GH 17
Tour Manager