Yale Bands History

Dear Yale Bands Alumni and Friends,


We've all made history – now let's keep it! If we don't record our history, we lose it! We are nearing the end of a systematic archiving of the papers, letters, scripts, programs, photographs, media coverage, and recordings of all of the Yale Bands, some as far back as 1918! We have reconstructed much of the history, relying on papers, notes, letters, and in some cases, the memories of faculty and alumni. Thus, much of it might be accurate!

But only you know the details of the years that you participated in the bands.

We have taken advantage of technology to create a kind of “Wiki-ology” of the history of the Yale Band ensemble. Each of the 3 bands has its own directory, and within each directory there is a button and dataset by year. Would you be so kind as to access the records of your year(s) in one or more of the Yale bands and review the data that we have pre-loaded? In some cases, there are holes. Some of the data may be inaccurate. Please help us fill in the holes and correct any misinformation. There are directions for corrections on the specific sites. 

We are excited about his project and hope it is interesting and enjoyable to you as well.

Tom Duffy

YPMB History

YCB History

YJE History