The Manager

Shah Khan, TC '19

Shah was born and raised around Atlanta (if you ask Katharine, she’ll claim it’s untrue). Shah used to “bully” the members of his high school band (read: they’re not as cool as the YPMB), and now he “bullies” the Members Of… with enthusiastically early call times, fantastic Announce emails, witty song choices, and the occasional mildly lump-shaped animal drawing. As Manager, Shah makes sure everyone is well-fed, warm, and happy, much like a loving mother duck.

Shah’s love story with the YPMB is a slightly odd one. Early freshman year, Shah was walking around aimlessly on a Friday, when he heard the glorious strains of the German choral “Im Himmel gibt's kein Bier.”  Following the source of the noise, he ran into Handsome Dan, found a penny on the sidewalk (heads up, of course), and caught a falling baby. And thus it was known to all, ASHTAR himself had reached out and touched Shah’s soul, awakening in him a passion for the YPMB.  So, he donned a blue blazer, bleached his pants white, and became the best darn Squid out there.


Before playing the Whiteboard, Shah played the cowbell with a large Hammer, and led the Squids to eternal glory by constructing the Batmobile to defeat hahvahd at The Game for the first time in 10 years. His favorite YPMB memories include eating Wenzels with Eric Wenzel himself, and leading the Band to eternal glory with its first home Yale-Harvard win in this millennium and the first outright Ivy League victory in over 37 years.


Outside of the Band, Shah is usually found running other people’s lives. If he’s not in the Trumbull Head of College Office running Trumbull, chances are he’s either in the BRoom, at BLunch, or dead.


Shah loves talking about the Band, and he loves answering email, so feel free to contact him at with any questions or comments!

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