The Manager

Sara Harris, SY ‘19

Sara hails from a small town in the forests of southwest Oregon, affectionately known as the middle of nowhere, technically known as Glide. After high school, Sara emerged from the woods, saxophone in hand, ready to make the cross-country trek to join the YPMB (and attend college on the side).

Her spirit animal is the humble potato, not for its slightly lumpy appearance or sedentary lifestyle, but because of its versatility and dependability. She uses these highly valuable potato skills to always make sure the Band is on time, having fun, and not getting into (too much) trouble.

Prior to wielding the whiteboard and directing traffic around the Band, Sara wielded the gavel Monday nights as one of the YPMB PROduction Managers. Even before that she picked up a bag of snacks and extra reeds and became the Sigma Alpha Chi section leader.

When she isn’t dancing at the helm of the YPMB, or trying to duct tape the whiteboard together, she’s probably hanging some lights in a theater somewhere. If you still can’t find her, she’s probably tucked away in the corner of the Saybrook dining hall. You can find her there drinking coffee and ranting about the state of pubic education in America.

Sara loves answering emails, and she really loves talking about the Band, so feel free to contact her at with any questions!

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