2017-18 Yale Jazz Initiative Jazz Combo Coaching Program

August 16, 2017

Combo coaches: Wayne Escoffery, Jeff Fuller

1. Coaching is arranged by the Yale School of Music for six (6) 90-minute sessions per semester.
2. Coaches are assigned by the Yale School of Music on the basis of auditions.
3. This year, the audition will consist of a recording of the combo, unedited, playing two pieces.
4. The recording should be audio and video.
5. The combo coachings are not for credit.
6. Repertoire for the combos will be worked out with the coaches.
7. Combos selected by the coaches must be prepared to meet 6 times per semester with the coach, and may and should meet outside of those sessions to practice and prepare.

Deadline for applications: 8:00 pm Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017. Submit electronically to thomas.c.duffy@yale.edu.